Saturday, October 18, 2008

What Would Jesus Do?

I've toyed with the idea of retiring, or at least semi-retiring, almost from the moment I started this shitty little blog.

Sure, watching what wingnuts are up to, and calling them on their bullshit, is a worthy task. But really, where does it end? Wingnuts are like cockroaches - it's easy to see several at a time, but for every visible wingnut, it turns out that there are at least another hundred hiding in the dark cracks.

Wingnuts won't engage. It's not in their genes. So, attempting to reason with them, in the hope of perhaps helping one or two see the light, or at least consider alternative views, just ain't gonna happen. And fucking with their heads for a few laughs stops being fun after a while, like poking too long at a dead squirrel's carcass with a stick.

I really kind of shot my writing wad with the essay on Mad Jack's craptacular speech at his nominating convention a little over a month ago, and since then I've been mostly cruising with YouTubes and short comments.

It's like Jesus said, "The stupid fuck-ups will always be with us. Why not just kick back with a few cold ones and a nice big fattie? Life's too short, bro."

So, I may be slowing things down a bit - visiting and commenting at fewer g-list wingnut blogs, and posting even less here than I have already.

But before I do, I just wanna give a shout out to a couple recent online acquaintances:

Bugs Bunny's Evil Twin - you're as insanely wingnutty as they come, but I can't get rid of the nagging suspicion that you're somehow just a little different than the rest of your assylum mates. Maybe it's because you actually seem to have a sense of humor, or because you never deleted any of my posts. I can even respect the loyalty you showed to your own friend, Crybaby Ray, when he got all teary because I called him an asshole. He's still a douchenozzle crybaby who should get the fuck out of the kitchen if he can't take the heat, but you stood with him, in a sense, and that's noble.

Erik - Grow some fucking gonads, dude, and stop deluding yourself with the thought that you're somehow gonna get a fair shake trying to engage wingnuts. It just ain't gonna happen. They're simply not capable. You're embarrassing yourself. It's like you want to be Alan Colmes or something. Fuck that shit. Find a better rolemodel. Mohammed Ali, perhaps. Or Hunter S. Thompson. OK, maybe you get a point for trying, anyway. But, Jesus H. Motherfucking Christ - can you maybe try harder?

My outlook and positions have been formed over the years by many influences, and like any living thing they continue to be refined, and in some instances, changed. That's not gonna stop.

For those of you handful of visitors who are so inclined, I strongly urge you to read - I mean really read - the work of Robert Altemeyer. It's essential for any understanding of wingnuts (or, in his terminology, rightwing authoritarian followers), as well as for any understanding of the psychopaths who exploit them.

And no attempt to fully understand people like Dick Cheney, or pretty much any elected republican, is possible without familiaring yourself with the work of Robert Hare.

Both of these scholars are included in my blogroll 'Fighting teh Good Fight.' You'll also find some of my own favorite bloggers in that list, people and communities who have helped shape and validate my views.

And there are lists of the many lefties I love, along with other interesting shit, worth poking around in. Please, do that, too.

So, this isn't exactly 'good bye.' The obsessive piece of my psyche prevents me from leaving entirely. And I plan to continue visiting and participating at my favorite sites. You'll always be able to find me hanging out with the good folks over at Sadly, No! or, as I like to call it, the Algonquin Roundtable.

I also plan to continue with what has turned out to be a very popular regular feature here, namely Dirty Fucking Hippie YouTube Monday. There's always room for some good music, right?

And finally, for you wingnuts who sometimes drop by, the invitation to blow me is always open. If you're not into that, you might consider sticking your tongue up my asshole.

Don't knock it 'til you've tried it. My friends.


Erik Grow said...

Hm, thanks for the tip. I'll consider it, however I dislike having enemies. Part of what you're seeing too is that I have to play by the hostess' rules on RWS. Recently though I've started to find my sea legs a little and I'm writing a bit more myself, which means the rules are mine and mine alone. I don't even delete comments when you badger me for not being tough enough. Heh. I only deleted your very first comment because I thought it was some weird spam and didn't have a name.

Also, politics is something I am passionate about, but I just can't put the mental energy into following it all the time. It's only near the big elections that I get really wrapped up in it. I have lots of other interests as well and thinking about it too much just stresses me out.

Satyavati devi dasi said...


Incognito said...

funny, you are descibing the liberals in this diatribe.

Rightwingsnarkle said...

I dislike having enemies

Dude, if you think that wingnuts, incuding your hostess, don't already consider you their enemy, you're really mising the obvious.

Sure, killing them with kindness has been used by others as an effective strategy, and Obama's built his entire campaign on his very ability to do so.

But that's where we part ways.

I say fuck 'em. They're a fringe minority who've been able to do tremendous damage for too long.

No more.