Friday, October 10, 2008

Wingnuts on Parade, Part 3


Yesterday I linked to a video that was subsequently pulled from YouTube. I suspect it was because the video stream was captured from a Fox "news" broadcast.

Fortunately, I found another version via Michael Shaw's most awesome Bag News Notes. Be sure to read Michael's own take on what this video reveals about McP.O.W.
When the fire breather...gets up and announces he's really hot, what does McCain do? He encourages the guy with a vigorous thumbs up so that, when the guy follows by shouting how angry he is about "the socialists taking over our country," the frenzied crowd jumps to its feet in approval. Of course, McCain couldn't look more smug as the guy finishes his rant.

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Monkay said...

Good vids. I would like for there to be equal weight/value on each side of the political divide, but there just ain't! Cutting taxes on the wealthy, while invading/occupying
the Middle East, is not the way to a prosperous future, nor even a poor-but-honest future.