Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Mad Jack's 'Ah, Fuck!' Moment

Man, some staffer's gonna get fired over this one. Poor McStain thought he was getting in a real zinger, only to have it tossed back in his face like a warm, peanut-studded turd.


All hail Dark Lord Kos.


Satyavati devi dasi said...

Didn't he look like he had too much Red Bull or something? All that fidgeting.

And I was just itching to slap that smirk off his face. Just like Palin. We kept waiting for him to wink at the camera.

Rightwingsnarkle said...

I was waiting for him to have a stroke - be barely contained his temper.

What an asshole.

Satyavati devi dasi said...


love ya.

Mean it.

Rightwingsnarkle said...