Sunday, October 19, 2008

Shorter* Rightwingsparkle

"Of course Colin Powel endorsed Obama today. What did you expect? He's a fucking nigger."

original picture via the most excellent Dave Neiwert at Orcinus

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Game over.

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Some added thoughts

I've never been a big Colin Powell fan. I'm just not ga-ga over generals, particularly ones who glommed on to the likes of Richard Nixon, Henry Kissinger, old George Bush, Dick Cheney, and pissant George Bush.

You can get a measure of a person by looking at the people they hang out with, and Colin Powell's spent the better part of his career hanging out with pure scum.

Then there's the matter of his little PowerPoint presentation at the U.N. If he thought he was lying, or disagreed in any way with his buddies' collective hard-ons for war, he should have resigned and then gone public with it all. After all, his ultimate duty is to us, right?

If he had as big a hard-on for war as his buddies, or even if he was only semi-turgid, then he's a fucking douchnozzle who's committed crimes against humanity, just like the rest of the Cheney administration.

I'm the only sibling in my family who didn't do a hitch in the military, but I have a pretty good layman's understanding of its culture and values, and the most valued trait in that culture is loyalty to the chain of command. Colin Powell's nothing but a good soldier, with all that entails, and in the end his nature is to salute and respond with a clear "Yes, sir!"whenever he's told what to do.

I can see the importance of that value when the shit's flying and people are getting killed, but when it comes to informed decision-making at the highest levels, and the over-riding interests of a nation, an open mind and willingness to disagree when that's what's called for (and isn't that the only real way to serve a president?) trumps everything else in my book.

So, to the extent that Colin Powell's opinion in this matter influences those folks who still haven't gotten it through their thick skulls that a Mad Jack presidency would be the final flush on our national turd, well...fine.

And I do appreciate how well Colin Powell catalogued the many ways in which the McPain/Failin' ticket has fouled our electoral discourse even more than previous republican campaigns - something that I didn't think was possible, though to be honest the repubs always seem willing and able to dig down even deeper into their cesspool of election tactics, no matter how deeply they've dug before.

But, in the end, as far as Colin Powell is concerned, I'm completely with Fightin' Digby on this one:

No president should ever take advice from this man again.

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