Tuesday, October 14, 2008

News Reader Gets One Right

Y'know, they say that even a blind pig finds an acorn now and then, and, apparently, so, too, with some of the blow-dried news readers on teevee.**

Good for you, sweetie.

Juan Cole said it better, and in greater detail, last Saturday.
Worse than the lady's confusion between Arab and Muslim were her further obvious confusion between Muslim and dangerous.

Mr. McCain, Arab-Americans and Muslim-Americans are decent, family-oriented citizens. The only thing wrong with calling Obama by either of these modifiers is that it would be incorrect. He is not an Arab ethnically, but rather northern European and Luo (Nilotic). He is not a Muslim but a Christian.

McCain's insinuation that "Arabs" (whether he and his friend actually meant "Muslims" or not) are not decent and not family-oriented and not citizens is obscene.
**Hanx to eurthamudtoes at hte Great Orange Satan
All Hail! Dark Lord, Kos.

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