Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Wishing I'd Said That

I love Doghouse Riley, especially when he tells David Brooks to just shut the fuck up:
You were not proved wrong about Iraq in the fall of 2003; you were proven clinically, certifiably, and cynically, to boot, the victim of megalomania profundus. This was not a slow leak, to be patched at leisure. The balloon popped, the bucket had no bottom. You put everything on Black, and you lost. You do not get to come back five fucking years later and say, There! I told you Black was going to come up! and demand your winnings, respect for your (latest) version of events, or that we now accept a share your humiliation. No sireee, as we say in the Land of real Appleby's customers; you're done, long since, and you have no standing at any point to return to the debate, let alone shape it.

Shut the fuck up, indeed.

Meanwhile, Rightwingsparkle got herself all wet down there when her chief cobag pointed her to the same piece by Brooks. “Bush was Riiiii-uhn-uhn-uhn-iiiight…….ahh!,” Sparkie exclaimed.

Her chief cobag begged in vain to sniff her fingers, then solemnly intoned:
We stopped the first time for the worst possible reason. Bush 41 didn't want to be a big meany.

The only thing worse than war is to prosecute that war half-assed.
Yup, cuz if Rightwingsparkle’s chief cobag is an authority on anything, it’s on the subject of the most effective mental imagery for masturbating waging war.

image from the incomparable Tom Tomorrow

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