Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Senator Pander Speaks

I was pleased and impressed when I read the following:

The fundamental question is "What is the United States' interest in Iraq?"

It is said we are there to keep the peace. I ask, what peace?

It is said we are there to aid the government. I ask, what government?

It is said we are there to stabilize the region. I ask, how can the US presence stabilize the region?...

The longer we stay in Iraq, the harder it will be for us to leave. We will be trapped by the case we make for having our troops there in the first place.

What can we expect if we withdraw from Iraq? The same as will happen if we stay. I acknowledge that the level of fighting will increase if we leave. I regretfully acknowledge that many innocent civilians will be hurt. But I firmly believe this will happen in any event.

Ooops, sorry. I ran the search/replace function in my word processor, and changed every instance of the word ‘Lebanon’ to the word ‘Iraq’ in this 1983 speech by John McCain.

Maybe the pandering fucker has had half a brain after all…

h/t digby

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