Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Another #1 Google Ranking

Your results may vary

I like to poke around to see how people found my shitty little blog. I can recognize my regulars easily enough (Hi, Mom!). They don't need any help getting here.

But some folks arrive via various search engines, often completely by mistake. They've usually entered various foul keywords, in a quest to satisfy some sick fetish, and since I consistently earn a top spot for some of those foul keywords, new friendships bloom.


Chris Bowers posted an outstanding action diary over at DailyKos, urging folks to embed links to stories that illuminate the real John McCain.

Check it out, because every time McCain opens his mouth, well, you know the rest.


Update: I revised the Photoshopped image of McCain squeezing a turd from his mouth by adding the tongue and teeth, as well as showing a break in the turd (due to its large size). I suppose I could also add a brown smudge, caused by the falling half of the turd as it hits his necktie, but then again, I could spend all day doing this and still leave plenty of needed tweaks. It's time to go out and save some lives!!!11!

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