Friday, May 30, 2008

Meet Rightwingsparkle's Chief Cobag

"Just working on my own little surge"

Whenever our favorite wingnut needs a respite from the demands of her hectic suburban life, she turns her blog over to a fellow who likes to call himself ‘Big Dog.'

The guy’s name should really be ‘Little Chicken,’ but in any event when Sparkie tells him to jump he promptly snaps to attention, wipes the Cheetoh dust from his lips and the MILF-lust from his eyes, then pastes together a few non-sequitors and some random links, which he then proudly shares with the online world, just as a pet may present its owner with a half-eaten rodent or dried turd.

Both Little Chicken and the pet are obviously eager to please, but in the end a dried turd is still nothing more than a stale piece of shit.

Little Chicken loves to hold forth officiously on military matters, though like all good wingnuts his enthusiasm for killing and maiming others is directly related to the distance he maintains between himself and any actual personal danger.
IMO, the military is stronger because of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. We are achieving success in deployments throughout the world. I recommend Robert Kaplan's Hog Pilots, Blue Water Grunts, which details the extent of American deployments. Our military has never been so widely deployed, so well trained or efficient, nor (sic) as effective. We spend 4.5% of GNP on the military, far less than the historical standard. We should consolidate our strategic success and cement our military prowess by raising it to 5% of GNP.

Yeah, sure, cobag. Whatever.

I’m not personally familiar with Kaplan’s book, though I suspect that Little Chicken keeps a large supply of tissues nearby whenever he reads it.

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