Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Scalia to Founding Fathers, "Go Fuck Your Mothers."

"And go fuck the horses you rode in on."

Antonin Scalia is a cheap thug and shameless rightwing hack. He somehow convinced enough gullible senators that he actually understood the lectures he snoozed through in law school, and was subsequently rewarded with a cushy day job that includes free dry cleaning for the fabulous black robes he loves to wear.

Fat Tony also wrote the dissenting opinion in the Supreme Court's latest 5-4 decision in the case of Bournediene, arguing that the fundamental right granted in the United States Constitution for a person to challenge their imprisonment (scroll) doesn't really mean what it says.

An astute fellow named Mark, in a response at the Chicago Tribune's web edition says it best:
If Scalia gets out of bed in the mornig (sic) he's gone too far.

He's a jurist with contempt for the law. If we, as a nation, are to imprison people indefinitely, often on hearsay alone, and we are too cowardly or dishonest to present a clear case as to why these people should be imprisoned and what threat they represent, then we have descended in a flash from being the beacon of liberty and justice we have been to the world for over 200 years, to duplicating the great achievements of Stalinist Russia, or any two-bit third world dictatorship.

Even Scalia's philosophical opponents seem ready to grant him a razor sharp legal intellect. Yet again and again I read his remarks in opnions (sic) for the majority or dissents like this one and find nothing but sneering, swaggering, insults, ad hominem attacks, and sarcasm in place of logical thought such as would befit the loser of a high school debate tournament. Reading Scalia makes you want to cry out for the wisdom, sagacity, and vision of Harriet Miers.

Posted by: mark | June 15, 2008 11:03 PM
Bonus - Rightwingsparkle at her most incoherent.

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