Monday, May 5, 2008

Rightwingsparkle is Full of Shit, Parts 5-x

Sparkie's full of shit. I mean she's reeaaallly full of shit. Rightwingsparkle is so chock full of peanut-studded, skatole-scented, chunky brown goo that I can't even keep up using a backhoe.

Just as every day brings a new sunrise, every post and comment by Rightwingsparkle reveals yet more of her absolute, mind-numbing, stupid-v-duplicitous full-of-shitedness. It's impossible to know where to start looking, or when to stop.

I imagine I could construct an entire paragraph, with each word linked to a different example of how full of shit Rightwingsparkle is, and still have plenty of material to draw upon.

Or, I could just link to her freaking blog, and let you wade through her bullshit on your own. Either way, the girl knows how to give.

This morning I decided to apply my favorite method for picking stocks to show, yet again, that Rightwingsparkle est plein de marde - I tossed a dart at the big, fat target of her most recent bon mots and hit Sparkie smack dab in the middle of one of her trademark bed-wetting frenzies:
I could go on and on about the Hitler like (sic) insanity that permeates the interviews with Osama and other radical clerics. From Osama's delight in the blood and guts of "infidels" that he sees on TV, to his determination to obtain the weapons that would destroy us for good.

Do you see how important it is that we elect the person who best understands this fight? If we retreat now, we invite the belief that we are weak and the enemy builds on that to prepare for the next act of destruction and death.

Like all good wingnuts, Sparkie pisses her panties whenever some drug-addicted nutjob like Rush Limbaugh paints a fanciful picture of olive-skinned Muslims swarming the Houston suburbs with long, curved swords, forcing her to spit upon the crucifix she wears around her neck before raping her anus and cutting off her head.

Oh, how she yearns for daddy to save her, daddy being, in this case, that foul-mouthed, philandering, amoral, opportunistic scumbag named John Sidney McCain III.

Here's another example of Sparkie's distorted world view:
Saying Iraq is a failure over and over doesn't make it true and it isn't. Establishing a Democracy in that part of the world is not a failure. Killing thousands of terrorists that would kill us if given any chance is not a failure. Letting generations of Iraqis and other middle easterners see what radical Islam really is and who really is the good guy (us, in case you were wondering) is not a failure. Training forces in Iraq to protect thier (sic) own so we don't have to is not a failure. Showing Iran that we will not cut and run is not a failure.

To summarize the invasion and occupation of Iraq, as it appears in Rightwingsparkleland:

1. It's all been a stunning success
2. Democracy flourishes in Iraq
3. The U.S. has killed thousands (and thousands) of people to prevent them from killing "us"
4. Muslims all over the world now see the light about their false god
5. They love the U.S. - they all absolutely love the U.S.
6. Right now the U.S. is just running a bunch of terrific training schools
7. The U.S. has proven something to Iran
8. The girl needs a spellchecker
9. No, Rightwingsparkle will not let her two oldest kids join the military

In Rightwingsparkleland, every day is Mission Accomplished Day.

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