Thursday, May 29, 2008

Rightwingsparkle to troops: "Fuck off and die."

"You volunteered, sucker."

Sparkie loves fetishizing the soldiers and Marines serving in Iraq almost as much as she loves fetishizing fetus meat - she's happy to posture and exploit, as long as it serves her sad purposes as a classic rightwing authoritarian follower.

But when it comes to the kind of support that actually has meaning, well...not so much.

In a recent example of her masturbatory cheerleading for the war in which two of her children are old enough to serve, crossposted at her Houston Chronicle blog, Sparkie responds to a commenter who simply asks, "Why is it that Mr. Bush and Mr. McCain who support the occupation do not support the the the (sic) new GI bill?"

McCain has his version of the GI Bill, which is more reasonable. I think someone should serve more than 3 yrs to get thier (sic) college fully paid for by the taxpayers

In Rightwingsparkle's world, talk is cheap and in plentiful supply, but college is too expensive to hand out to just anybody.

Bonus Bullshit - In that same thread, Rightwingsparkle takes issue with a person who notes that the extraordinary stress on soldiers and Marines deployed in Iraq has led many to suicide. It appears that her empathy is as plentiful as her generosity.
NOw, (sic) about the suicides. My point is that if statistics show that almost the same number of sucides occur in civilians then maybe it is not the military, but part of the overall picture of suicide in America.

Just to be clear. If 12 out of a thousand swim team members get the flu every year and 12 of out of a thousand non swimmers get the flu as well, then it may just be a general population thing and nothing to do with them being swimmers. Got it?

Oh, yeah, sweetie. Got it.
"Mainly it is the long time and multiple deployments away from home, the exposure to really terrifying and horrifying things, the easy availability of loaded weapons, and, of course, it's very, very busy right now," said Col Elspeth Ritchie.


michilines said...

She's very sloppy with her stats. She said something about the 2007 suicides in the military a couple of weeks before they officially came out -- and she got them wrong.

Here's a gossipy little thread about her on another Houston Chronicle blog. I find it quite humorous that other bloggers are talking about her.

Rightwingsnarkle said...

Being sloppy with her stats is the least of Sparkie's sins.