Wednesday, May 7, 2008

That's Why We Call Him MAD Jack

And that's MAD as in totally fucking out of his head crazy.

John Sidney McCain III, son and grandson of admirals, though himself a washout fuck-off disaster as a flyboy, doesn't just have anger management issues - the dude's seriously deranged.

Michael Shaw is the blogosphere's most qualified and astute observer of all things psychological, and here's what he says about the guy who dumped his first wife for the anorexic, brain-damaged, drug-addicted daughter of a wealthy (and now dead) distributor of really shitty beer:
...if you study the other people in the photo, what you encounter are emotional reactions that are more complex and nuanced. If you had to generalize, you could say they combine at least two different attributes, the first being approval and pleasure over what's happening on the field, but second, and clearly the more prevalent, a curiosity, inquisitiveness and/or concern for what continues to unfold in front of them.

What concerns me most about McCain is not just the intensity of his emotions, but also how quickly and consistently they can "take him out of the ball game." What it portends, specifically, is a Commander-in-Chief unable to more dispassionately absorb the details of intense, complex and on-going events.

As a result, I'd feel a whole lot safer with a president more representative of the guy in the Hawaiian -looking shirt, the man in the red shirt, the lady in the turquoise and the white-haired guy to her right.
We've already suffered through almost eight painful years with a mentally diseased individual in the White House. But Mad Jack could make George W. Bush seem normal by comparision.

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