Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Search Engines, Congress, and Female Genitalia

My most recent Google ranking for the keywords 'McCain' and 'cunt' isn't as high as it was a week ago, when my blog rated #1 for this popular and newsworthy combination.

And even though it doesn't earn me a place on the podium alongside the top 3 medal winners, I accept my #4 spot with a small smile of humble gratitude.

Now take a look at this:

How you respond to this probably depends upon which team you cheer for the loudest. That said, this could be seen as either an egregious abuse of taxpayer dollars, a possible instance of illegal campaign activity, or a sign that a Hill staffer had a few spare minutes this afternoon.

Then again, maybe somebody was looking to download some hardcore featuring the wealthy, anorexic, brain-damaged, drug-abusing woman for whom John McCain dumped his first wife. Maybe it was ol' Mad Jack himself.

Who knows?

I report. You decide.


michilines said...

Snarkle, for what ever reason, I can't get earthlink to coorperate with me. I can't access my email.

Your google rankings are still impressive, but we have to look toward our target.

Kathleen has posted a long rambling bit about LARRY ELDER and his book. She's got the whole 'I'm a white white white chick but I support blacks and will tell them what to do and will diss anyone else' thing down.

Now is the time to comment my friend ;)

michilines said...

dude, we could totally take over her comments this weekend.