Thursday, March 13, 2008

Rightwingsparkle is Full of Shit, Part 4

The absolute best way to get my favorite G-lister's panties in a bunch is to bring her attention to something - anything - associated with sex.

She actually has a keen nose for smelling these things out on her own, probably because of her militant catholicism. Converts are usually pushy and self-righteous.

Anywhoozle, Sparkie simply could not pass up the recent opportunity to leverage her sexual obsession with her other compulsion, namely demonizing a Democratic officeholder.

The result was her March 10th tour-de-force, "New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer to announce that he is a perv." Let's take a look, shall we?
It doesn't seem to matter how powerful, famous, or rich one is, common sense (and morals) go out the window when it comes to thinking with your *******.
I must have been hiding behind a door when God handed out the *******'s, because I don't think I ever got one (or more, if we're supposed to have multiples).

I do have a penis, a scrotum, and two testicles, along with a bunch of other stuff on the inside that connects them all together and makes the whole setup do what it's supposed to, but I think Sparkie's talking about something else, since she didn't specify either a penis, a scrotum, or two testicles.

Those words are easy enough to spell, and they're official medical terms, not some obscene slang, so there's no danger of getting into trouble with teh law for using them. If Sparkie is using a series of asterisks instead of some crude street term for male genetalia, can someone please tell me the seven-letter word for schlong?

Anywhoozle, before she could wrap up her outrage, Sparkie's attention was directed to a serendipitous bit of information from one of her regular commenters, an insane piece of work named Jill:
RWS, did you hear about what was on his agenda today that was cancelled? Speaking to the abortion groups about all the things he was proposing to pay them back for their support. Just read it over at Michelle Malkin's blog. UNBELIEVABLE. What a sick man.
Wow. Bonus. 'Cuz if there's one way to reduce Sparkie to pure apoplexy , it's by mentioning teh fate of teh fetus.
Well isn't that icing on the cake. From whores to abortion. How do these people sleep at night?
Heh. Indeed.

Here's a gift to the lady from Houston (second most polluted city in the U.S.), a sweet 21-week old whose hands appear to be safely away from his own little pecker. There are more images here, but I though that posting the one of a 32-week old furiously jerking-off would have been a bit much for Sparkie's genteel sensibilities.

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