Saturday, March 15, 2008

Where Wingnuts Dare Not Tread

I've noticed that my dozen or so daily visitors includes a reliable handful of wingnuts, particularly that stupid fucker who's got way too much time on his hands until the grass starts growing long enough to be neatly mowed and raked into little piles. And even then, how much time will it take to cut the grass of his four (4) customers?

So, I've added a new list of links just for these pathetic souls, and I put it right up on top of all the others. It's called 'Where Wingnuts Dare Not Tread,' because, obviously, they dare not.

Bonus - Rightwingsparkle is still full of shit. She's got not one, but two, kids who are the exact right age to join that little invasion and occupation that gets her so wet. Take them by the hand, sweetie, and help them do the right thing.


Jim Sullivan said...

If it's any comfort to you, you have provided me with no end of amusement this winter.

Be it your attempts at wit and clever graphics or lame invectives, (or just clicking on your site every time I pass the computer knowing you ckeck the hits), it all amuses me. What will I do when my four customers need me?

Rightwingsnarkle said...

Idiots are easily amused.

Jim Sullivan said...


Best sheathe that rapier wit before you hurt someone.

Anonymous said...


Count me as an easily amused idiot.

You have been cracking me up since I discovered you months ago. Keep up the hilarity. I love how the wingnuts can't resist coming here and impaling themselves on their own rusty butterknives.

I think you attract them like one of those electric fly zappers. I am simultaneously embarassed for Jim Sullivan, and deeply grateful for his mosquito-like stupidity. He just keeps coming back for a zappin.

And as for Sparkle: she will offer the tired canard "do I have to become a firefighter to support putting out fires? do my son's have to be police officers to support crimefighting?" I love that spurious, craptastic argument. As if cheerleading for an illegal war that you want SOMEONE ELSE to fight is morally equivalent to being a citizen concerned about your fucking house burning down.

Sigh. Anyway, your blog is amazing, and it makes me laugh out loud everytime.

Arthur said...

Considering that you are using a blogger template and have almost no comments it seems that no one is reading your drivel. Thanks for the link....

Rightwingsnarkle said...

Thanks much, Weezie. I appreciate your comments.

I'm also glad to see that the ever-manly Arthur, whose Blogger profile is not public, stopped by. I've got a post in the works on his beauteous site.

And as far as poor Lawn Mower Boy goes, well, it's best to just let him speak for himself.