Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Rightwingsparkle is Full of Shit, Part 3

Yeah, I know I just did Part 2 a few days ago, but I swear this idiot provides enough material for an hourly feature. She's the original G-lister.

Her latest is a classic piece of concern trolling about how Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are ready and willing to destroy the Democratic Party because neither is willing to drop out of the race.

Sparkie contrasts the Democratic contenders' reckless selfishness with Mitt Romney's magnanimous decision to stop spending his 5 sons' trust fund. Mitt's move, Sparkie says, let's Mad Jack McCain get "some face time on TV doing something that looks very presidential."

I guess Mad Jack's presidential-looking moves don't include winning a couple of recent repub primaries and caucuses, like Kansas and Louisiana.

Anywhoozle, Sparkie's strong points have never included cogent analysis, logic, or simple self-awareness. She's more of an 'absorb and regurgitate the latest demagoguery' kind of gal, as in:

"No one as been more hated than Bush from the left and he has been safe (from assassination)."

It looks like Sparkie's hometown rag, the Houston Chronicle, has decided to give her a forum again. Her first new post includes her usual lack of original thought, though I have to wonder who's helping her now with such relatively clever phrasing: "There is the problem of color with Obama. Oh, not his being black. That doesn't matter. But he is green and that does matter."

That little gem is immediately followed by: "...our enemy is patient and lethal. We cannot afford to have a President who is without a background of solid foreign policy experience."

I have to give Sparkie credit for actually having some small nugget of a coherent thought here. I mean, think about how badly we've been fucked over since we 5 members of the Supreme Court chose someone who didn't know shit about shit.


ThePoliticalCat said...

Dood he knows plenty about shit - he's been snortin' some of the finest, OK?

Rightwingsnarkle said...

I hear ya