Thursday, March 27, 2008

Wingnuts Beget Wingnuts. Well, at least for now.

Sparkie was all a-twitter the other day with the breathless announcement of her enlistment-age daughter's lame video blog.

I'm gonna go out on a limb and predict a short life for Sparkie, Jr.'s latest project. There are just too many factors pointing to its inevitable demise.

First of all, Sparkie Jr. is a freaking college freshman, a cohort famous for short attention spans long before the tubes (both inter- and You-) heightened the pile of available distractions.

Secondly, the kid's gotta have better things to do than prattle on and repeat the nonsense she couldn't help but absorb from her tight-sphinctered mother. Running as far away as possible from mom's ridiculous bullshit is the critical developmental task at this stage of Jr.'s young life, and if she fucks it up now, she's gonna have to muscle her way through too many years of regret and misfortune before she gets another chance.

Third, Sparkie Jr.'s initial foray into wingnuttery (which I wrote about here) has already died on the vine. Six blog entries in six months ain't exactly a torrid writing pace, and even those thin efforts bear the stench of half-heartedness.

Which isn't a problem in and of itself. As previously noted, the kid's a college freshman, and there are more interesting and compelling demands on a college student's time and attention - like classes, studying, assignments, and that larger category best called, simply, social events.

Finally, and most notably, there's the matter of our well-scrubbed duo's subsequent video.

I dunno, maybe it's entirely innocent. Or perhaps they're being intentionally ironic, even mildly subversive and subliminal. Or maybe it's just me. But there's something about that title...

Hey, if I were in this dude's shoes, I'd probably be looking at the same things he is.

Now, that can end up any number of ways, but I'm willing to lay down decent odds that the final outcome includes no more of these stupid video blogs from Sparkie, Jr.

Which, as Martha Stewart would tell us, is a good thing.

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