Sunday, December 30, 2007

Humor, to a Wingnut

Someone once asked me, "Do wingnuts have a sense of humor?"

"Of course they do," I replied. "They love to laugh. They find physical and emotional pain that comes at someone else's expense to be very funny stuff. They're absolutely nuts for that kind of thing, especially if they can get in a few licks themselves - as a group, of course. And only when they have a distinct numerical advantage, like, oh, about 20 to 1."

I found yet another example of this psychopathic grade school mentality recently at Dull as a Hoe (aka "Fuckwad"). Fuckwad's little essay (if, by "essay," we mean a series of loosely-connected half-thoughts accompanied by a craptacular Photoshop montage) was prompted by a short piece in the New York Times magazine written by Matt Bai, a retrospective called "The Lives They Lived" which featured a profile of pioneer blogger Steve Gilliard.

Fuckwad titled his bit of good-natured flatulence, "Steve Gilliard, 6 months dead, is black in the news..."

You see, in addition to riffing on someone who died at a young age, Fuckwad's title is also funny because Steve Gilliard was born in Harlem. He was African-American. You Black in the news. Get it?

Heh, indeed.

Fuckwad also found much to laugh at in the related comment thread over at the cock-slapper's online wingnut fest, specifically:

Note Fuckwad's thoughtful sensitivity to the potentially dainty sensibilities of his reader - he carefully edited an offensive four-letter word, then added his own little humorous emoticon to lighten things up a bit: a person with an open-mouthed laugh and winking right eye. How gallant. How originale.

Here's the post at cock-slapper's that tickled Fuckwad's bone:

To which a couple of other cock-slappers replied:

Ah, ha ha ha! Quelle riposte!

Thankfully, there's a cock-slapper who's attuned to the real dangers if all of this humor gets taken the wrong way:

Because, you see, it's all just a joke - all in good fun if not exactly in good taste. Nothing to worry about. No harm, no foul.

Yup. "Lighten up. You don't know how to take a joke." The wingnut's ultimate out, the last lazy dodge for folks who are so quick to talk about taking responsibility. Of course, these are the same dipshits who are so eager to talk about endless war, but a bit less enthusiastic about running down to their local recruiter to sign up and actually, you know, join the Army.

The fact is that there isn't a G-list wingnut, or any A- through F-lister for that matter, who was ever fit to pick the peanuts out of Steve Gilliard's shit.

Here's a tribute to Steve Gilliard from the folks who knew him best.


Serr8d said...

Ahhh, a true liar..."American Samoa", well, try Ackton, or Hopkinton, Mass. hole.

Just a nose tackle, huh? Pickin' noses, most likely.

An entire bloglife devoted to snark! A poet, too? Great...let's see some of that pithy poetry. Looks to me like more hate than anything else.

Maybe that's why your bloggod Steve was so roundly renounced after his death...he too balled his hate up and left nothing else for people to find. Just loose clumps of regurgitated detested malevolence. If he's so good, post a link to writing that isn't just BDS-fueled hatred of others. His history posts don't count; history is just research with attitude.

You, though, I don't like. Stay away from my blog (I've banned your IP, which is If you keep bringing your crap, I'll post your IP in a new post.

Because when I walk across an open field, and step in shit, I don't want it tagging along; I wipe my shoe off immediately.

Consider yourself scraped off on a convenient patch of grass.

Serr8d said...

I can tell right now that post will be a lot of fun~!

And you know my sense of humor...


ThePoliticalCat said...

Jeebus, I'm glad I read ALL the comments on that thread at S,N! These lickspittles on wingnut welfare are, you're right, not fight to pick the peanuts out of Steve's shit. Feh. I can hardly wait for instant karma to bite them on their feculent arses.

Rightwingsnarkle said...

Hi, Fuckwad.

Thanks for proving my points.

BTW - that IP address takes us to a sitemeter page for Ann Althouse. You been squeezin' some titties?

Serr8d said...

You know as much about the way the web works as you do about politics, huh?

Go plug that in here and see what comes out.

BTW, may I suggest a New Year's Resolution for you? At 3 biscuits shy of 400 lbs., you need some diet, man...


Rightwingsnarkle said...

"you need some diet, man..."

Yeah, well, we all need some diet, Fuckwad. We also need air and water.

Now, do you keep coming back for the picture of the bare-breasted woman being tortured? If you really want your own copy, just do a search for 'torture' using Google images and you'll get a shitload of wingnut porn.

Serr8d said... opposed to your procilivity for gay pR0n, as befits your party and politics.

Carry on, then, o one-handed typist (whilst the other is firmly grasped around your tiny pecker!)

Rightwingsnarkle said...

Thanks again for reinforcing each of my points, Fuckwad.

Serr8d said...

you needs some reinforcements, obviously...

try Clozapine?

Rightwingsnarkle said...

Keep it up, Fuckwad. You're doing great.

Serr8d said...

And, I'll point out to you that you've resorted to four-letter foul language to make your 'points'.

Don't you know that foul language is a sure sign of a weak mind trying desperately to express itself?

Keep that in mind when you rattle off your impressive vocabulary of four-letter words...and, there's a fifth-grader at your door. He wants his insults back...

Rightwingsnarkle said...

Geez, Fuckwad, for someone who made it so clear that he was angry / offended / belligerent / threatening etc. ("You, though, I don't like. Stay away from my blog (I've banned your IP, which is If you keep bringing your crap, I'll post your IP in a new post.

Because when I walk across an open field, and step in shit, I don't want it tagging along; I wipe my shoe off immediately.

Consider yourself scraped off on a convenient patch of grass.")
you sure do keep coming around.

I swear a lot, and stupid wingnut fucktards like you piss me off, which often prompts me to swear further.

My point in this post ("Humor, to a Wingnut") is simply that stupid wingnut fucktards like you are also just plain chickenshits who don't hesitate at the chance to pile on a dead person, and that stupid wingnut fucktards like you are often also racist pigs.

I thought it was obvious, but perhaps you're too distracted by my use of four-letter words; or maybe that by focusing on my use of four-letter words you can somehow avoid addressing the main point, which is that you're own words tag you as a stupid wingnut racist fucktard.

Your continued words and actions also make clear that you're a chickenshit who can't tolerate discussion, since you bluster and threaten in several ways (wingnuts are famous for screening comments, banning commenters, etc.), while, in contrast, I don't give two fucks whether you post here or not, and if you do, I just leave the posts up as prime examples of your own stupid wingnut fucktardery.

Serr8d said...

I suppose I should unsubscribe to the Follow-up comments by email thingy.

Because you are a frothing lunatic, and not worth my time.

But, first, this......"who don't hesitate at the chance to pile on a dead person....I pile on Hitler, too.

Your point?

Rightwingsnarkle said...

What took you so long to bring up Hitler?