Sunday, December 23, 2007

When Wingnut Worlds Collide

I hadn’t stopped by the Incoherent Illiterate’s blog since his little hissy fit, and came across this lamentation when I poked around the other night:

Sorry, Mitt, you were my second choice if Fred didn't win, but at this stage, I'm ready to stay home if its not Fred.
Frankly, I’m surprised he’s old enough to vote. Maybe even a little scared.

But what’s the Illiterate’s problem with the Mormonator – does he fear a surtax on Cheetos and Mountain Dew? Clearasil available only by prescription? Mandatory sex ed on the evils of masturbation?

Close. He’s worried about the Mormonator’s threats to curtail the distribution and sales of violent and sexually explicit video games.

I want to restore values so children are protected from a societal cesspool of filth, pornography, violence, sex, and perversion. I've proposed that we enforce our obscenity laws again and that we get serious against those retailers that sell adult video games that are filled with violence and that we go after those retailers.
Most wingnuts with two brain cells to rub together know that whatever the Mormonator says on any given day will be changed to its polar opposite within 72 hours, but apparently nothing’s as important to the Illiterate as video games – not even junk food, zit cream, or compulsive jerking off.

This is the kind of crap that appeals to spastic suburban housefraus sent into panics by breathless alarmist media telling them their precious little snowflake is gonna get mowed down by the weirdo goth kid at the school. Its complete and utter demagoguery.
When a wingnut invokes demagoguery, they know what they’re talking about, even when they’re only 14 years old, and haven’t quite mastered the intricacies of the apostrophe.

Meanwhile, the Dipshit Extraordinaire recently took the time to reflect upon the righteousness that is Joe Lieberman (I-Lieberman), specifically his endorsement of that worthless cocksucker John McCain:

See, Senator Liberman puts country before party. This is something sorely needed in this day of Islamofascism. Those ready to behead infidels and blow up school buses and shopping malls don't care if you are a Republican or a Democrat. They think you are an infidel and that's all they need to think about you.
So, what’s the wingnut consensus on fear mongering and demagoguery – is it good or bad? Maybe it depends on the situation, like whether it involves brown people with funny hats, or video games based on blowing shit up.