Saturday, April 19, 2008

G-listers' Aspirations*

I cover the low-end of the wingnut food chain, the hapless G-listers who hope that some day, some how, they'll end up with a taste of wingnut welfare, like a cushy print/broadcast deal with some wingnut/talk radio/shopper-tabloid-racing form conglomerate - or at least a website that generates a few bucks each day with Google Ad-Sense.

Keep dreaming, my little pretties. Stranger things have happened, to be sure. Why, even our good friend, Sparkie, recently scared up a gig as a seat-filler. Can an endosement contract for Depends be next?

While we wait to learn the answer to that and other burning questions, let's enjoy Roy Edroso's somewhat-arbitrary list of the Top Ten A-list Wingnuts that recently appeared in the Village Voice.

And don't forget the accompanying series of wingnut portraits by the matchless Tom Tomorrow.

Wingnuts - where the worlds of assholes and retards intersect.

graphic by Tom Tomorrow, as snatched at the Village Voice

Bonus - Roy follows some of the wingnuts' reactions to his piece here.

* Title edited to eliminate dangling participle.


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Rightwingsnarkle said...

Wow! A robocomment!