Monday, October 22, 2007

Heels, Meet Ideals

Wingnuts got their panties in a bunch over news from Maine last week, when the Portland School Committee voted 7-2 to approve a plan to include contraception as part of the reproductive health program at the King Middle School’s health center.

There’s plenty more to this story (pdf), but wingnuts only need to hear some combination of the words “birth” and “control” before they start sputtering.

I’m not even a parent and I’m outraged that this is even being discussed at a Middle School!… I don’t think I even knew how birth control worked at that age.

This young wingnut
, a self-described 19-year old "devout Catholic...striving to major in Mass communications,” calls her new blog High Ideals in High Heels. I’m eager to see if her writing will match the consistent craptitude of her mom’s, or if she’ll ever learn the meaning of the word irony.

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