Monday, February 25, 2008

Where's the Outrage??!11!??

Does anybody remember when C-list wingnut blogger, and alleged Michelle Malkin anal sex partner, "Cap'n" Ed Morrissey took a brief "hiatus" some months back? I think he claimed the purpose of the break was to 'clear his head' or 'surf the big kahuna' or something like that, I forget which, and I'm not sure if I read it somewhere or if someone told me.

Well, anywhoozle, somebody sent along this photo. I can't vouch for the source, and you never know about the veracity of these things, what with Photoshop being used as a tool to alter images and stuff.

Maybe he took the time off to study a foreign culture or something, but it doesn't look good for the "Cap'n," if'n you ask me. He might have some splainin' to do to some people, y'know?

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