Saturday, February 9, 2008

Fear and Loathing Among the Wingnuts

Mister Leonard Pierce of Sadly, No! recently endured the annual multi-day hatefest known as the Conservative something something something, or CPAC for short.

Fortunately, Mister Leonard Pierce had a fierce constitution, a finely-tuned sense of righteousness, and a bottomless stash of prescription medications to draw upon as he chronicled each painful moment spent among the certifiably insane and the hucksters who prey upon them.

Mister Leonard Pierce has named his account The Beast is Red, and it's already earned a treasured place in the hearts of its readers.

Chapter 1 - An American God
Chapter 2 - Invisible Asia
Chapter 3 - You Shan't Go Home Again
Chapter 4 - In a Mad Frenzy, Stinging Themselves to Eternal Death
Chapter 5 - Soy Un Perdidor
Chapter 6 - She Don't Like, She Don't Like, She Don't Like...McCain
Chapter 7 - Holding a Shard of Mirror Up to Nature's Throat
Chapter 8 - Twice Presented Him a Kingly Crown
Chapter 9 - Brought Me to Darkness, But Not Into Light
Chapter 10 - The Sugar and the Shit
Chapter 11 - Pestilence Goes for the Big Laff
Chapter 12 - Show Us Your Twits
Chapter 13 - Getaway

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