Sunday, February 10, 2008

Every Picture Tells a Story, Donut

I was prompted to snag a copy of this famous photo after seeing a slightly different version of it at Michael Shaw's very fine Bag News Notes. There, a black and white framed copy appears on the wall behind and above a seated Barack Obama.

I love this photo, just as I love Muhammad Ali. Yes, the photo depicts a brutal and violent act - though the act is sanctioned as 'sport.' But it also conveys a sense of pride and purpose, and it's essential to understand the story behind this fight, as well as the fight between the two boxers that preceded it, and the two boxers' individual stories.

For me, the image stands for what I hope will be the final outcome in the current battle between rightwing authoritarians and the liberal forces that oppose them - not just a battle between two people, or two groups of people, but between visions for the future and how we need to live together.

Wingnut bonus points: Shaw links to a post by our very own G-list wingnut, Dipshit Needs to Get a Job, where the Dipshit's main contribution to the discussion is: "Obama wants to be associated with a four-times-married Muslim draft dodger who made millions by beating people up inside a boxing ring."

Well played, Dipshit. Well played.

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