Thursday, September 11, 2008

Sarah Palin Doesn't Know What the Fuck She's Talking About

She doesn't have a fucking clue.

I wish this was all a joke, but some people actually think that it would be a good idea to vote for McP.O.W. and this crazy, ignorant, opportunistic bint.

Of course, Sparkie's gotten herself all wet over this one.

Hmmm, is she a closet lesbian?

That's got me thinking...

Update - This was not a well-thought out post when I first tossed it up here, I admit. The combination of an interview with Miss Alaska, a reference to Rightwingsparkle, and some girl-on-girl amateur porn (including highway noises just outside) may seem gratuitous, at best.

I guess one of my points is - if I'm going to subject myself to the insane ramblings of Sarah Palin and Rightwingsparkle, then perhaps at least I should have the opportunity to make their virtual interaction more palatable. I guess the only way that I could consider either of these hate-filled bimbos worth paying attention to would be for them to go at each other with fingers, tongues, and dildos.

Now that would be interesting, and would at least have some merit.


Monkay said...

She was unable to put the answer into words, but in the sense that "the Bush Doctrine" is "we will do whatever the fuck we please" she seems to have an inherent grasp of the thing.

Anonymous said...

I really dug your porn video.
I'm on a new forum and I thought that you would fit in perfectly.
It's a Lib forum that beats up republicans.
come on over and join me.
And try to pick out who I am.
Hint, I Like to use obscene lingo and invoke evil to the republicans. Nothing bu fun, fun, fun...If ya know what I mean.

Pat Jenkins said...

come to think of it snarkle are any of your posts well thought out?.. but i did enjoy the video!!!