Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Wednesday Fish Blogging

Last week I bit the bullet and started buying stuff to set up an aquarium. I had several pets as a kid, and even more pets when my own kids were growing up, but never any fish.

I bought a 20-gallon tank, a biofilter, a grow light for live plants, and a cover. That pile cost about $250, a bit over my initial budget. Once my wife and I pick the spot (there are a few options), I'll need to come up with a stand or other piece of furniture capable of supporting 200 pounds. Then I guess I'll clean things up, fill the tank with water, and get the filter going.

The guy at the store - a very friendly and knowledgeable fish geek - suggests I also get a heater, and I'll need to add some sort of rock/gravel mix on the bottom. The next decision is whether to get freshwater fish, or to go all the way and set up a saltwater reef tank with coral, crustaceans, and tropical fish.

I'm thinking at this point that I'll probably go with a freshwater setup as a way to ease in to the whole hobby. Right now the empty tank and boxed accessories are still sitting at one end of the dining room table, so - first things first.

(photo from Bolton Aquarium in England)

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Gary said...

I think it is better to get a package that comes with everything and then all you add is the gravel and plants and fish. Go very slowly on adding fish. Three for the first month is plenty as the tank needs living fish to create the right kind of bacteria to handle the ammonia and the nitrites and nitrates for plentiful fish.

I am about to get another tank.