Monday, October 15, 2007

Falling, but still plenty more room below

Gavin at Sadly, No! writes that the ever erudite Ms Malkin has been fired resigned from Baba O'Reiley's televised nightly hatefest.

The ever erudite Ms Malkin is spinning it in her favor, but the fact that she's been going at her farts with a blowtorch over the matter of a seriously injured twelve year-old and his family probably has much more to do with it.

I'm sure there will be a few champagne corks popped in Left Blogostan over this development, along with the predictable gnashing of teeth in the wingnutosphere (blaming the inherent bias and unhinged Malkin-hatred of teh left wing media at Fox....oh, wait).

However, the ever erudite Ms Malkin is still above ground and running water, her head remains attached to her shoulders, and her mumbling is not due to a fistful of freshly-picked garlic packed into her maw. Much self-destruction remains to be done. I've bought a triple-sized box of popcorn to go with my 64-ounce diet Pepsi while her story unfolds further.

(graphic by Teh Sadly)


Notorious P.A.T. said...

Just when I think they can't go any lower, there they go. Soon Malkin will be with the lizard-people at the center of the Earth.

Shockwave said...

One has to give Malkin credit. To be distasteful to Bill O'Falafel himself takes some doing.

She is xenophobic immigrant's daughter. How ridiculous.

Her and Ann Coulter should spend eternity together hating each other.

TXsharon said...

Oh goodie! A snarkle blog! =)