Thursday, July 24, 2008

So Near, Yet So Far

As previously noted, I journeyed to the only livable city in Texas last week, in order to make a blood sacrifice to Our Dark Lord, Kos.

I had a great time, though I came home two pints down - nothing that a few servings of sautéed calves’ liver can’t fix. Highlights of the trip included an intimate moment with Al Gore, Nancy Pelosi, and a couple thousand of my closest friends.

But, as fate would have it, Sparkie was also in Austin for a somewhat smaller gathering of wingnuts. Looking at the photos of that gig, I'm going to generously estimate the crowd peaked at about 20 - when free snacks and one complimentary domestic beer or small glass of wine per person were available.

If I had known about Sparkie's travel plans, I might have sought her out. Maybe she would have done the same favor for me that she so enthusiastically granted Crash McCain.

What can I say? All men are pigs.

photo by johne1235

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merlallen said...

haha crash mccain, good one.