Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Rightwingsparkle Lays On the Love

Though I can't really say that she laid that sweet, sweet lovin' on me, because her witch's brew of psychopathology includes a heady portion of pure narcissism.

In what passes for her mind, it's Sparkie time all the time.

As with any good self-love story, it all started when I was poking around my sitemeter stats, wondering who's come over to my shitty little blog recently, how much time they spent, and how they knew to get here in the first place.

As I scanned the seemingly-endless list of referring url's, one jumped out past the others - someone had come to my shitty little blog via one of the premier D-list wingnut sites - the one run by the vaginaphobic little man himself.

I followed the link to a post and discussion that's probably best compared to a bunch of hairy guys rubbing lotion on each other (not that there's anything wrong with that).

And there it was, like that crumpled note on the floor beneath my 5th-grade desk so long ago...


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