Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Rightwingsparkle is Full of Shit, Part 2

When my favorite G-lister isn't getting her panties all in a twist over the subject of abortion, she's getting them all damp over her latest favorite Big Daddy - Mad Jack McCain.

Sparkie has been a huge fan of the man who listens to the voices in his head ever since she realized that her current dry drunk loverboy can't run for preznit a third time. The fact that Mad Jack is, well, totally freaking insane simply adds to his irressistable appeal in Sparkie's heavily made-up eyes. She's a good submissive who, when confronted by the guy who yells the loudest and hits the hardest, simply wimpers, "More, please," while offering up a nice sandwich and a clean ashtray for that smelly cigar he insists on smoking.

Though in her most unguaded moments Sparkie, like a modern day Mayella Ewell, lets her thoughts wander briefly to that handsome young buck, he's a Democrat, and simply not of her kind. Her tingly feelings for Mad Jack, while less intense, are more socially acceptable to her, as well as more sadly familiar.

(Part 1 of our ongoing series can be found here)

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