Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Word to Mad Jack - Watch Your Back

Hey, there's nothing I like better than seeing rats chew each others' legs off - not so much to get out of the trap as to free up more fodder for the wood chipper.

So, in that spirit, here's Wolfie (a dude who needs a serious on-air ass fucking) talking to Dana Bash (who's welcome to give me a blowjob, also on-air) about Caribou Barbie's delusions of grandeur...

Hankx to Safi via the always bodalicious RenaRF

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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Opinions Are Like Assholes

Because everybody has one, and they all stink.

At least that's what my mother always told me.

Speaking of assholes...

So, the McFail campaign has fallen so low that they've decided they have nothing to lose by sending some lying sack of shit semi-coherent dickbreath out on the campaign trail.

Smart move.

This "Joe the Fuckwad" character is some piece of work shit, ain't he? He's such a loose cannon that even the guy at Fox "news" doesn't quite know what to make of the little monster that they've helped pull out of the bottle.

Just one more week...

Hankx to Think Progress via Sadly, No!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Dirty Fucking Hippie YouTube Monday

OK, well-fed, well-groomed, wealthy, and aged former dirty fucking hippies. It's still an awesome song.

She's Just Asking What Other Wingnuts Are Thinking

This woman is a fucking idiot.

Mandatory insertion - All hail, Dark Lord Kos!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

It Was a Pitiful Cry for Help

"And then they said it was all because of my 'Shine On Rays' bumper sticker"

Before she faked her assault and tried to incite a lynch mob to hunt down an imaginary blackity-black black dude, card-carrying college republican Ashley Todd, 20, of Texas claimed late last Sunday night that several angry Red Sox fans pulled her out of her car while she was sitting at a stoplight on Boylston Street, near the corner of Arlington, dragged her to the steps of the Bull and Finch Pub, best known as the inspiration for the popular 90's television show, Cheers, threatened her with several 42-ounce Louisville Slugger baseball bats autographed by David 'Big Papi' Ortiz, broke her glasses, and branded the Boston team's logo on her forehead.

"Her story changed several times," said Boston Police Detective Shawn Hennesey. "Though she claimed to have been singled out because she said she was an avid Tampa Bay fan, we became suspicious when she insisted that the Sox starting lineup included Paul Pierce, Tom Brady, Cam Neely, and Tom Menino."

After being released with a stern admonition to "cut the shit," it appears that Todd left Boston and drove straight through to Pittsburgh via Crazytown.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Another Most Awesome Campaign Photo

Republican Presidential candidate John Sidney McCain III speaks to an audience in East Bumfuck, Kentucky on the subject of family values and the importance of traditional heterosexual marriage.

Answers to the two most frequently-asked questions about this picture:
No, it is not Photoshopped
Yes, it really does seem like they're not even trying anymore

Hanks to Michael at BagNewsNotes

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Did McCain Just Say 'Cunt?'

Why, yes. Yes, he did.

Hanks to slinkerwink at the Great Orange Satan.
All hail, Dark Lord Kos.


(GASP!) Foulmouthed McCain's also a fucking SOCIALIST!!11!!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Dirty Fucking Hippie YouTube Monday

Well, maybe children of dirty fucking hippies...

Tuesday Added Bonus

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Shorter* Rightwingsparkle

"Of course Colin Powel endorsed Obama today. What did you expect? He's a fucking nigger."

original picture via the most excellent Dave Neiwert at Orcinus

*‘Shorter’ concept created by Daniel Davies and perfected by Elton Beard. We are aware of all Internet traditions.™

- - -

Game over.

- - -
Some added thoughts

I've never been a big Colin Powell fan. I'm just not ga-ga over generals, particularly ones who glommed on to the likes of Richard Nixon, Henry Kissinger, old George Bush, Dick Cheney, and pissant George Bush.

You can get a measure of a person by looking at the people they hang out with, and Colin Powell's spent the better part of his career hanging out with pure scum.

Then there's the matter of his little PowerPoint presentation at the U.N. If he thought he was lying, or disagreed in any way with his buddies' collective hard-ons for war, he should have resigned and then gone public with it all. After all, his ultimate duty is to us, right?

If he had as big a hard-on for war as his buddies, or even if he was only semi-turgid, then he's a fucking douchnozzle who's committed crimes against humanity, just like the rest of the Cheney administration.

I'm the only sibling in my family who didn't do a hitch in the military, but I have a pretty good layman's understanding of its culture and values, and the most valued trait in that culture is loyalty to the chain of command. Colin Powell's nothing but a good soldier, with all that entails, and in the end his nature is to salute and respond with a clear "Yes, sir!"whenever he's told what to do.

I can see the importance of that value when the shit's flying and people are getting killed, but when it comes to informed decision-making at the highest levels, and the over-riding interests of a nation, an open mind and willingness to disagree when that's what's called for (and isn't that the only real way to serve a president?) trumps everything else in my book.

So, to the extent that Colin Powell's opinion in this matter influences those folks who still haven't gotten it through their thick skulls that a Mad Jack presidency would be the final flush on our national turd, well...fine.

And I do appreciate how well Colin Powell catalogued the many ways in which the McPain/Failin' ticket has fouled our electoral discourse even more than previous republican campaigns - something that I didn't think was possible, though to be honest the repubs always seem willing and able to dig down even deeper into their cesspool of election tactics, no matter how deeply they've dug before.

But, in the end, as far as Colin Powell is concerned, I'm completely with Fightin' Digby on this one:

No president should ever take advice from this man again.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

What Would Jesus Do?

I've toyed with the idea of retiring, or at least semi-retiring, almost from the moment I started this shitty little blog.

Sure, watching what wingnuts are up to, and calling them on their bullshit, is a worthy task. But really, where does it end? Wingnuts are like cockroaches - it's easy to see several at a time, but for every visible wingnut, it turns out that there are at least another hundred hiding in the dark cracks.

Wingnuts won't engage. It's not in their genes. So, attempting to reason with them, in the hope of perhaps helping one or two see the light, or at least consider alternative views, just ain't gonna happen. And fucking with their heads for a few laughs stops being fun after a while, like poking too long at a dead squirrel's carcass with a stick.

I really kind of shot my writing wad with the essay on Mad Jack's craptacular speech at his nominating convention a little over a month ago, and since then I've been mostly cruising with YouTubes and short comments.

It's like Jesus said, "The stupid fuck-ups will always be with us. Why not just kick back with a few cold ones and a nice big fattie? Life's too short, bro."

So, I may be slowing things down a bit - visiting and commenting at fewer g-list wingnut blogs, and posting even less here than I have already.

But before I do, I just wanna give a shout out to a couple recent online acquaintances:

Bugs Bunny's Evil Twin - you're as insanely wingnutty as they come, but I can't get rid of the nagging suspicion that you're somehow just a little different than the rest of your assylum mates. Maybe it's because you actually seem to have a sense of humor, or because you never deleted any of my posts. I can even respect the loyalty you showed to your own friend, Crybaby Ray, when he got all teary because I called him an asshole. He's still a douchenozzle crybaby who should get the fuck out of the kitchen if he can't take the heat, but you stood with him, in a sense, and that's noble.

Erik - Grow some fucking gonads, dude, and stop deluding yourself with the thought that you're somehow gonna get a fair shake trying to engage wingnuts. It just ain't gonna happen. They're simply not capable. You're embarrassing yourself. It's like you want to be Alan Colmes or something. Fuck that shit. Find a better rolemodel. Mohammed Ali, perhaps. Or Hunter S. Thompson. OK, maybe you get a point for trying, anyway. But, Jesus H. Motherfucking Christ - can you maybe try harder?

My outlook and positions have been formed over the years by many influences, and like any living thing they continue to be refined, and in some instances, changed. That's not gonna stop.

For those of you handful of visitors who are so inclined, I strongly urge you to read - I mean really read - the work of Robert Altemeyer. It's essential for any understanding of wingnuts (or, in his terminology, rightwing authoritarian followers), as well as for any understanding of the psychopaths who exploit them.

And no attempt to fully understand people like Dick Cheney, or pretty much any elected republican, is possible without familiaring yourself with the work of Robert Hare.

Both of these scholars are included in my blogroll 'Fighting teh Good Fight.' You'll also find some of my own favorite bloggers in that list, people and communities who have helped shape and validate my views.

And there are lists of the many lefties I love, along with other interesting shit, worth poking around in. Please, do that, too.

So, this isn't exactly 'good bye.' The obsessive piece of my psyche prevents me from leaving entirely. And I plan to continue visiting and participating at my favorite sites. You'll always be able to find me hanging out with the good folks over at Sadly, No! or, as I like to call it, the Algonquin Roundtable.

I also plan to continue with what has turned out to be a very popular regular feature here, namely Dirty Fucking Hippie YouTube Monday. There's always room for some good music, right?

And finally, for you wingnuts who sometimes drop by, the invitation to blow me is always open. If you're not into that, you might consider sticking your tongue up my asshole.

Don't knock it 'til you've tried it. My friends.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

You Know Who John Sidney McCain III Sounds Like?

John Sidney McCain III sounds just like a farmer with terminal cancer, trying to borrow money on next year's crop.

I can't take credit for that one. It's Hunter's. And he didn't say it about Mad Jack, he said it about The Hube back in 1972.

Hunter hated Hubert Humphrey, and like pretty much everything else Hunter hated, he let the rest of us hear about it.

I didn't pull my old hardcover copy of Fear and Loathing: On the Campaign Trail '72 down off the shelf this year. I seem to have settled into an every-other-election pattern with it, and this is an off-year. But I know that quote is in there somewhere.

It's a good one. It's very apropos. I think Hunter would have liked Obama. I know he would have hated Mad Jack.

And to all my wingnut friends: Better take cover. Big storm coming.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Mad Jack's 'Ah, Fuck!' Moment

Man, some staffer's gonna get fired over this one. Poor McStain thought he was getting in a real zinger, only to have it tossed back in his face like a warm, peanut-studded turd.


All hail Dark Lord Kos.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

News Reader Gets One Right

Y'know, they say that even a blind pig finds an acorn now and then, and, apparently, so, too, with some of the blow-dried news readers on teevee.**

Good for you, sweetie.

Juan Cole said it better, and in greater detail, last Saturday.
Worse than the lady's confusion between Arab and Muslim were her further obvious confusion between Muslim and dangerous.

Mr. McCain, Arab-Americans and Muslim-Americans are decent, family-oriented citizens. The only thing wrong with calling Obama by either of these modifiers is that it would be incorrect. He is not an Arab ethnically, but rather northern European and Luo (Nilotic). He is not a Muslim but a Christian.

McCain's insinuation that "Arabs" (whether he and his friend actually meant "Muslims" or not) are not decent and not family-oriented and not citizens is obscene.
**Hanx to eurthamudtoes at hte Great Orange Satan
All Hail! Dark Lord, Kos.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Dirty Fucking Hippie YouTube Monday - Redneck Style

Fuck Eric Clapton. Duane Allman is god.


And maybe Stevie Ray Vaughan is associate god ;^)

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Flyers Fans, 2; Caribou Barbie, 0

hanx to hyper at the Great Orange Satan
read danger durden's story and listen to the fans boo

All hail, Dark Lord Kos

Friday, October 10, 2008

Wingnuts on Parade, Part 3


Yesterday I linked to a video that was subsequently pulled from YouTube. I suspect it was because the video stream was captured from a Fox "news" broadcast.

Fortunately, I found another version via Michael Shaw's most awesome Bag News Notes. Be sure to read Michael's own take on what this video reveals about McP.O.W.
When the fire breather...gets up and announces he's really hot, what does McCain do? He encourages the guy with a vigorous thumbs up so that, when the guy follows by shouting how angry he is about "the socialists taking over our country," the frenzied crowd jumps to its feet in approval. Of course, McCain couldn't look more smug as the guy finishes his rant.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Wingnuts on Parade, Part 2

D'oh! YouTube pulled this video.

What's more pathetic - this stupid fucking wingnut audience member with a microphone at a McP.O.W. rally, or the fact that he's more coherent, and maybe slightly less demented, than the fucking candidate?

I know - it's a rhetorical question.


This video, along with the one featured yesterday, was produced by the brave and mysterious Tim Russo over at blogger interrupted.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Dirty Fucking Hippie YouTube Monday (Tuesday)

Watching Hef's minions trying to dance and act hip is too funny. You need acid to dance to the Dead, not gin, dammit.

Most of those folks went on to become wingnuts and/or spawn them.

As for the band - they seem to be having fun, trying to cram a 45-minute song into 1/10th that time. Crappy editing also helped.

Mickey Hart has got to be tripping, and the young Bill Kreutzmann sure looks an awful lot like the young Bill Murray. (warning - slow, shitty link to IMDB).


Fuck it, here's the picture:

'That one' what?


Ah, ha ha ha ha ha!


Sunday, October 5, 2008

Live by the Sword, Die by the Sword

Wingnut Fantasy

I'm sure I'm not the only male in America who, when Palin dropped her first wink, sat up a little straighter on the couch and said, "Hey, I think she just winked at me." And her smile. By the end, when she clearly knew she was doing well, it was so sparkling it was almost mesmerizing. It sent little starbursts through the screen and ricocheting around the living rooms of America. This is a quality that can't be learned; it's either something you have or you don't, and man, she's got it.
In making his instantly famous comment (if by 'famous' we mean 'pathetic'), uber-wanker Rich Lowry simply said what every other chickenshit wingnut has been thinking all along - "Man, would I love some of that."

Palin debate screen capture via BagNewsNotes
photoshopped McCain by Jill Greenberg

On the grounds between the two brick colleges, the chitchat between the scion of four-star admirals (McCain) and the son of a prizefighter (Dramesi) turns to their academic travels; both colleges sponsor a trip abroad for young officers to network with military and political leaders in a distant corner of the globe.

"I'm going to the Middle East," Dramesi says. "Turkey, Kuwait, Lebanon, Iran."

"Why are you going to the Middle East?" McCain asks, dismissively.

"It's a place we're probably going to have some problems," Dramesi says.

"Why? Where are you going to, John?"

"Oh, I'm going to Rio."

"What the hell are you going to Rio for?"

McCain, a married father of three, shrugs.

"I got a better chance of getting laid."

Dramesi, who went on to serve as chief war planner for U.S. Air Forces in Europe and commander of a wing of the Strategic Air Command, was not surprised. "McCain says his life changed while he was in Vietnam, and he is now a different man," Dramesi says today. "But he's still the undisciplined, spoiled brat that he was when he went in."

from Make-Believe Maverick by Tim Dickinson, in the current issue of Rolling Stone

Hanx to pattisigh at The Great Orange Satan - All hail, Dark Lord Kos