Tuesday, March 24, 2009

It's What Wingnuts Do

They only throw it when they're not eating it

So, I'm poking through the g-list wingnut sites (even added a coupla new ones to my blogroll) when I come across this little doozy from one of my favorites:
Sen. Judd Gregg gave a scary-yet-accurate picture of what America’s fiscal outlook will look like blah blah blah scary black negro president blah blah blah socialist teleprompters fart (snip) Folks, this is from the guy Obama first nominated to be our Treasury Secretary.

Uhm....that's not quite right, sweetie.

But, c'mon, seriously - Treasury, Commerce...who cares? It's still all about money and shit, right?

Meanwhile, the usual half-wits have been too busy with such run-on sentences insightful comments as "This is what happens when you have hippies from the 60’s, who become economic advisors, and druggies form the 70’s, both who never learned how good morals and ethics in a society and the importance of the economic wheels creat a profitable opportunity for people and businesses to grow, running your country." to notice call attention to such a basic factual error.

I think Sparkie's lil' buddy, Dewey, said it best:
Smartest thing he's EVER did was to turn that job down.

Hanx to LOLFed for teh awesome graphic

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