Sunday, May 18, 2008

Rightwingsparkle's Bloodlust, Part 1

Rightwingsparkle loves war. Judging by her endless prattle, the torture and death of anybody who doesn't live in her gated community gets her all damp and tingly.

Would it be irresponsible to speculate that she keeps several gun-shaped dildos in her goodie drawer next to the bed? Would it be irresponsible not to?

Sparkie performs her latest autoerotic diddling to the accompaniment of a book by every chickenhawk's favorite cheerleader, Michael Yon. Yon goes to Iraq so they don't have to, and they love him for it.

Sparkie admits that she hasn't "gotten it yet (but I will!)," and her post is just a lazy cut and paste of a lengthy advertisement by Yon's publisher, Richard Vigilante, the same rightwing craphouse that's put out the shit-smeared works of Ann Coulter and Mark 'the Human' Steyn.

But Sparkie insists on calling the ad a "review from his publisher," and since it seems to work, who am I to dissuade her?

As for that ageless question, "War! - huh, good God, y'all - What is it good for?" the answer's quite simple: to help Rightwingsparkle get herself off.

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michilines said...

She's arguing over on her Houston Chronicle blog that three year's service doesn't merit getting college paid for.

I think someone should serve more than 3 yrs to get thier college fully paid for by the taxpayers, don't you? It's easy to spend other people's money and feel benevolent about it.--TexasSparkle

I see she says much the same thing in the comments on her main blog.

Her arrogance and shallowness is astounding, but predictable since she's just following McCain's lead. And as far as that goes, I don't really think McCain put the work into his bill that Webb did into his. My feeling is that McCain just wanted to be able to say he had a competing bill out there -- not that there is anyway it will ever see the light of day.