Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I Have Here a List on My Blog...

Actually, I have four.

And since I never really explained my reasoning for any of these lists, here's a quick rundown:

Fighting teh Good Fight highlights the sites that inspired me to start my own infrequently-visited blog right here. These are the folks who've been taking on wingnut bullshit far more effectively, and more consistently over a longer haul, than me. They're awesome.

G-List Wingnuts is self-explanatory. These are the low-level miscreants who dream of someday cashing in on the kind of wingnut welfare bucks pulled in by the A-listers. Their ideas range from the truly loathsome to simply ridiculous, and their overall tone is remarkably like that of Crazy Louie, the poor gin-soaked fellow down the street who divides his time between yelling at pigeons and pissing on himself. I'll never give Crazy Louie a penny, but several of us in the neighborhood have an agreement to make sure that he gets something to eat every day.

Surprising Myself Sometimes when I follow a link from a comment at one of the g-listers, I end up at a site that doesn't quite meet the criteria for full-blown wingnut status. It's not because I agree with them (I generally don't), but rather because the authors don't appear to fit the bill as mindless authoritarian followers.

Non-political Stuff I Like features sites that explore a variety of topics having nothing to do with wingnuttery.

I'll shine the spotlight on a not-so-randomly selected inhabitant of one of these lists in my next post.


Randolphus Maximus said...


One of the things that I've always thought was that rationality and open discussion was something that was a hallmark on "right-wing" blogs. Not quite.

And I'm the one supporting the "crazy" guy.

God, I wish I were good at snark

Rightwingsnarkle said...

I hear you, Rand.

That's a particularly loathsome site, IMO.

But in general, I've found that folks at wingnut sites are allergic to opinions other than their own; and that to challenge an opinion is to be marked as a lunatic.

Some, like Sparky, 'moderate' comments, and simply don't let anything through that doesn't fit their purpose.

I'm not a big Ron Paul fan, myself. While I appreciate his statements regarding the invasion and occupation of Iraq, I'm troubled by many of his other stances.

But I wouldn't expect any Ron Paul supporter to dance at my command.