Tuesday, December 4, 2007

This Drug Also Works Well on Wingnuts

I stumbled across this at Dr. Joan Bushwell's Chimpanzee Refuge. It's an ad from a medical journal for the (still used) drug, Thorazine. The ad's copy reads:
Tyrant in the house?

Thorazine can control the agitated, belligerent senile and help the patient to live a composed and useful life.

When Thorazine is administered to the agitated senile, there is a marked decrease in his nerve-racking outbursts of hostility, irritability, abusiveness, incessant talking and "day and night" pacing or restlessness.

On Thorazine therapy, the patient often forms more regular eating and sleeping habits and improves in his personal hygiene. As the patient becomes more tractable and cooperative, he is able to live a composed and useful life.

Thorazine - one of the fundamental drugs in medicine.
I think I might set up a PayPal account to collect donations, to help defray the cost of administering Thorazine to members of the Wingnut G-List. It couldn't hurt, right?

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