Sunday, November 11, 2007

Wingnut War Lust

The Incoherent Illiterate got his panties in a bunch when I posed a simple question in response to his celebration of shiny weapons of war:

Since you've got such a hard-on for all things military, I know you're gonna run right down to your local recruiter to sign up for the real thing, right?
His snappy rejoinder? Alright, Motherfucker

Wingnuts have such thin skin.

II's homage starts off with his usual barely-literate ramblings and loosely connected half-thoughts before touching on some mandatory platitudes:

…let us remember all the others who have served their nation, and most importantly, those who are serving now, in particular those who are in combat as I write this…
Wingnuts love empty phrases: Support the Troops; War on Terror; Peace Through Strength; Big Brother is Watching. So, I shouldn’t be too hard on the lil’ feller; he’s just aping his elders.

But once the required foreplay’s taken care of, II goes straight to the main event – ogling teh pr0n and sharing his most intimate thoughts with the rest of us:

SEALs are awesome, and nuclear subs and aircraft carriers are pretty damn cool, but there anything more better than a battleship firing those off those main guns?


…what Army guy doesn't love a huge fucking tank?


I doubt there's a retired Marine anywhere that doesn't get that tingle when they see this pic. Gives me that feeling, anyway, and I haven't served.


…this is just badass. Its a time-exposed picture of either an AC-130 or an AC-47 gunship laying down what is called "The Cone of Fire", where the plane circles in the air, laying down massive amounts of fire…

The “Cone of Fire” must have done it for him, because II can barely mutter a few more words before rolling over and dropping off to sleep:

…the Coast Guard has taken on more importance now that we have to watch our ports for attempts at terrorist attack.
Yup, gotta get in the mandatory “terrorists at our shores” riff before you nod off, blissful and temporarily satiated.

So, why would I even pick on the poor Incoherent Illiterate?

I think Doghouse Riley said it best, in his own post, Armistice:

Worthless sacrifice is the rule of war, not the exception. We don't need any prodding to remember the fight against Fascism as noble, or to view all service as heroic. But it's obvious we too quickly forget that senseless, unspeakable slaughter has always started out sounding like a reasonable idea to too many people.
Wingnuts sure do lust after the equipment and cliches of war.

But the realities of war? ...not so much.


Rightwingsnarkle said...

Hey, thanks for visiting, and for your brave and articulate comment.

If you have an idea, why not express it and defend it?

Because wingnuts are such chickenshits.

Micgar said...

Hi-i came by way of Jon's posting of our own posts on his latest best of 2007. I am getting a lot of great reading in-and just wanted to say I really like your blog. This post in particular is great! I love your retorts to some of the "comments" the righties make.
It always makes me wonder what they are thinking when they say things like "...they fought for your right to protest" "...if we didn't invade you wouldn't be able to say them things" Utter crap! When the military was being built up during the Cold War, protest/dissent was actually prosecuted, the police detained and harassed people. In a lot of ways the military has been used to fight against our freedom and right to protest-(Kent State for example) How did fighting some peasant army(s)way over in SE Asia help our own freedoms?...etc etc.
Loved this post! Look forward to more like it! I will stop by to check out more! MG